Sheet Metal basics

Sheet metal basics it’s where you should begin if quality is the goal, reviewing basic Mathematics, Calculators and Trigonometry. Refreshing your knowledge in regards to interpreting blueprints correctly.

This grouping of courses looks at inspection and quality controlbest practices“; which of course requires you to not only know how to read your precision measurement tools but, care for them as well. And in some cases the proper use of standard tools is an appropriate place to start; screw drivers, hammers, wrenches, etc.

This Sheet metal basics grouping includes the following modules:

  1. Basic calculator operations
  2. Basic math review
  3. Simple right angle trigonometry
  4. Blueprint Interpretation
  5. Inspection and Quality Control
  6. Geometric Tolerancing
  7. Precision Hand Measurement Tools
  8. Proper use of Standard Hand Tools

Complete course syllabus by module