Shearing, Notching, PunchingDo you need to know more about the flat part and how to get from the print to a perfect part the first time using the shearing, notching, Punching?

Steve Benson and Asma, LLC can explain the layout and notching calculations your CAD system is preforming in the background. This training will give you the ability to make corrections in the CAD defaults or layout-code-cut-notch and form it yourself.


Either way… get the parts right the first time
with or without a CAD system!


This program grouping Shearing, Notching, Punching offers modules on the following topics:

  1. Bend Functions
  2. Flat pattern development
  3. Squaring shear Notch layout – 10 examples
  4. Notcher Reading and editing G-Codes
  5. Theory of hole punching
  6. Punch press
  7. Laser Fundamentals
  8. Laser Mediums
  9. Laser Assist gases and focus
  10. Laser Programming and safety


Complete course syllabus by module