Precision sheet metal training

Below is a complete list of all the modules available from our world class training; these can be mixed and match to meet you specific needs. These modules blend flawlessly with TheArtofPressBrake textbook.

We are also a National Institute Manufacturing Standards (NIMS)
registered company that can comply with all NIMS sponsorships and certifications.

Note that these modules are the basis of the Fabricators and Manufactures Association Int. (FMA) Precision Sheet Metal Operators (PSMO) certification and their Precision Press Brake Certificate program. Note that our instructor not only holds the PSMO certification he also wrote the bulk of the testing. Who better to preform your training?

Asma LLC can also offer/proctor FMA’s press brake certificate testing at your facility along with the press brake training and/or NIMS sponsorships.

Complete course syllabus by module

The Modules:

  1. Basic calculator operations
  2. Basic math review
  3. Simple right angle trigonometry
  4. Blueprint Interpretation
  5. Inspection and Quality Control
  6. Geometric Tolerancing
  7. Precision Hand Measurement Tools
  8. Proper use of Standard Hand Tools
  9. Bend Functions
  10. Flat pattern development
  11. Squaring shear Notch layout – 10 examples
  12. Notcher Reading and editing G-Codes
  13. Theory of hole punching
  14. Punch press
  15. Laser Fundamentals
  16. Laser Mediums
  17. Laser Assist gases and focus
  18. Laser Programming and safety

  19. Leaf/Box brake
  20. Press brake punches, selection and limits
  21. Press brake die selection
  22. Cold forming, warm forming, hot forming and plate
  23. Other tools and methods
    a) deep box
    b) bump forming
    c) off-set bending
    d) forming in urethane
  24. Forming order
  25. Bottom bending
  26. Press brake safety
  27. Manufacturing Extremely Small Sheet Metal Parts
  28. Designing for Press Brakes