Everything you need to know to be successful at the press brake with our Precision Press Brake Training. Learn from the master of the press brake, whether you are in design, engineering or the craftsmen on the floor there is something to learn. We will have your staff working together, speaking the same language with the same meanings, working together like a fine Swiss watch.

Designing to the process and processing to the design!

Folding, Box, Mechanical, Hydra-Mechanical, Rocker,
Down- acting Hydraulic,

Up-Acting Hydraulic and Electric.

Air, bottom or coin

Precision Press Brake Training includes folding machines Precision Press Brake Training for mechanical press brakes Toyokoki Hydro-mechanical Up-acting

All methods, all machines!

The modules listed below, along with several of the basic modules normally make up in our two-day press brake program along with FMA’s Press Brake Certificate and Testing.

  1. Bend Functions
  2. Leaf/Box brake
  3. Press brake punches, selection, and limits
  4. Press brake die selection
  5. Cold forming, warm forming, hot forming and plate
  6. Other tools and methods
    a) deep box
    b) bump forming
    c) offset bending
    d) forming in urethane
  7. Forming order
  8. Bottom bending
  9. Press brake safety

Additional modules for from the basics are:

  1. Math
  2. Calculators
  3. Trigonometry
  4. Blueprint Interpretation
  5. Inspection and QC
  6. Precision Hand Measurement Tools


Complete course syllabus by module

Hands-on training is available

Learn from the master right at the press brake
It all about Precision Press Brake Training and Application!