Press brake punches video pay-per-view



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Press Brake Punches video

In this Pay-Per-View video Press Brake Punches we investigate the different types of press brake punches (the upper tool) that are used in the press brake. Learn how to properly calculate the maximum safe tonnages and learn about the center-line “load limit” of the press brake.

By learning the properties of these tools and their limits, possible damage to the press brake, the tooling and the operator are greatly reduced. You will learn the difference between the different tooling types: Traditional American, Precision ground and the new standard.

Because much has change with press brake punches in the last few years and the hardness rating has gone from 30-35 to 70-75 Rockwell. Which can produce shrapnel and exposing the operator and other workers to flying chunks of metal.

If you work around the press brake you really need to know this information! 

30:19 runtime

Press brake punches

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