Manufacturing extremely small parts pay-per-view



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Manufacturing extremely small parts

In this video the viewer will learn many of the secrets of producing sheet metal parts in material thickness’ under .020-inches and with tolerances as tight as .001-inches and one half a degree angular.

You will learn how to produce flat blank parts where punching, lasers and even water-jets are not practical nor desirable. Learn how forming tools are developed as they do not come in sizes this small. We’ll teach you how to make the tools and use them in a safe manner; whether in a steel V-die or in Urethane pad.

We look at quality control measurement where the act of measuring can effect the results. A must view if you are considering working with sheet metal on this scale.

Manufacturing extremely small parts discusses how to measure parts where the act of measuring can effect the results. Some made by using an optical comparator; a measurement tool we look at within the context of the film. 

NTSC 45, Run time 26:55


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