How to preform the math step-by-step

Booklets for printing:

Charts and Graphs:

Forming flow chart

Setup sheet First

Setup sheet second

Bend Deduction chart

Trigonometry, find the angles

Trigonometry, find the sides

Forming tonnage chart


Material gauges

Durometer, deflection factors

Punch and Die clearance

Shear grind and angles

Shear angle factors

Land area calculations

Temperature to color gauge

Minutes to decimal degrees

Seconds to decimal degrees

Software: download to and install ASMA 6.0.1 software

  1. Software installs directly from the web.
  2. Software requires you to use Internet Explorer 9 or better; other browsers will not work for the install.
  3. Program was written to the new Windows 7 and 8 .net format but is backward compatible with Windows NT.
  4. Operational instructions are located within the software; center bottom of program.


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