Welcome to Mate Precision Tooling’s landing page at theArtofPressBrake.com. This site was created for Mate Precision Tooling in order to help establish a standard language and knowledge base. This material is directly related to the press brake, press brake tooling and operational practices and was assembled by Steven D. Benson author of theArtofPressBrake a digital handbook for precision sheet metal fabrication © 2015, and Press Brake Technology © SME 1996. He is also the author of Bending Basics column in the Fabricator magazine.

Mate Tool MSP 2, 2014Many of you have put years into this trade and have accumulated large amounts of knowledge yourselves and you may think that this training really isn’t necessary. However, it really is if for no other reason than to have every member of the team speaking the same language.

Using the same terminology with the same meanings coupled with a common understanding of the press brake, the hows and whys of correct tooling selection and of the different methods of forming make Mate Precision Tooling’s staff a cut above the competition.

If you still think you already have it down please follow this link to Mate Precision Tooling’s Assessment Challenge and see how your knowledge compares. Remembering that out in the field one man’s Bend Deduction is another man’s K-factor and is still another man’s Bend Allowance. If you do well on the Assessment Challenge you can proceed to the Final Assessment. But that would be a mistake if for no other reason than to know what everyone else was taught. By standardizing the terminology and how it is applied no matter who the customer speaks to their in depth level of knowledge will be apparent.

When you are ready to begin the training it is recommended that you proceed through the material in the order presented. While each piece of the program can stand alone, each section tends to build on the previous chapter. At the end of each grouping there is a list of what you should have learned in each section along with a short quiz. The quizzes themselves are self-correcting and will automatically email you the results immediately, at which point you may choose to move to the next section or review the last. Upon completion of the four sections you will be offered the final exam which upon completion we will score and send results to your email.

This material was built from my textbook theArtofPressBrake and you will see examples and photographs of and about your competitor’s tooling. Nonetheless, that just helps to keep you ahead of the curve.

Please note, that by being part of the Mate Precision Tooling team and by participating in this program you have been granted full access to theArtofPressBrake a digital handbook for precision sheet metal fabrication. This is available on your smartphone, tablet or PC and ready for you to reference any time you need for studying or explaining to a customer.

Click on the appropriate link below to start or pick up where you left off. 

Table of contents

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Section 1) Bend Functions

Section 2) The Press Brake

Section 3) Press Brake Tooling

Section 4) Operational Processes

Bonus Chapter
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Assessment Challenge
Final Assessment
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