Other Authors and Magazines of Note

TheArtofPressBrake will be the first to admit that we do not know it all and there are many very great magazines, authors and articles. That being said the following links will bring you to relevant trade-related materials that we know will be of value to our readers

These columnists also write for the Fabricator magazine and have a great deal of information to share. These are by no means the only writers submitting to the publication.

If you need to research any topic relating to sheet metal or plate it’s a great place to start.

Columns by Gerald Davis

Columns by Hendrick

Columns by Tim Heston

These columnists for Metalforming magazine are some of the best writing today.

I have only listed a few of their columns that are relevant to sheet metal manufacturing. We highly recommend that you review their work in back issues of Metalforming as well as current and future editions.

They have a lot of knowledge to share!

Columns by Peter Ulintz published in Metalforming magazine.
Punching Technology – Force Limitations August 2017
The Experts Among Us March 2017
Non-Traditional Forming of Aluminum Alloys July 2014

Columns by Stweart Keeler
Simple Graphics Can Send The Wrong Message January 2015
How Heat Can Affect Steel Performance May 2016
Identifying the Cause of Rejected Parts June 2016

Columns by Daniel Schaeffler, Ph.D.
Know your SheetMetal Termanology, Part-1 May 2018
Material Specs – You get what you ordered July 2018
Steel Terminology Part 1: Better Forming Grades September 2018

Other Magazines Worth Reviewing

International Sheet Metal Review (UK)

FF Journal

Forming and Fabricating Society of Manufacturing Engineers