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ASMA 6.0.1 software


  • You must be using Internet Explorer 9 or better for the install.
  • Operating instructions located on button center bottom of the starting screen.

For Vista, -7, -8 Software will run on Windows-NT  ASMA 6.0.1 will not replace your CAD system rather it complements it. With only a few inputs and selections from a pull-down list. this software will tell you everything it needs to know for precise press brake forming, including the selection of a perfect die opening.

Warns when the die selection is to narrow or the tonnage is too high.

Bending Software – ASMA 6.0.1

allows you to select a die opening available in your shop and then side by side presents a comparison of the data from the optimum opening and the new die opening; allowing for correct bend deduction calculations and flat pattern development.

On the “shop floor” this software will help the operator to make better and safer tooling selections.

Bending software - ASMA 6.0.1

ASMA 6.0.1 main screen