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August 2016: How to locate the press brake backgauge position
December 2014: Streamlining press brake setups

After reading these three Press Brake chapters you should be able to:

  1. Explain the differences between leaf brakes, press brakes and stamping presses.
  2. Define the various types of press brakes and their best places in the industry.
  3. Discuss the tooling that is best suited for each type of press brake.
  4. Explain why mechanical press brakes are not the best option.
  5. Explain how mechanical error and clearance effects consistency.
  6. Define the three different modes of operation: MDI, Angle and Graphics.
  7. Explain why “Gauge Blocks” are necessary for referencing the backgauge for
    legacy planed tooling.
  8. Define the three different origin procedures used on press brakes.
  9. Describe the various controller functions Bend Allowance, Ram Depth, Retract, etc.
  10. Explain why the ram must open further (open height) in Angle and Graphic modes.

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