After reviewing these nine Press Brake Tooling chapters you should be able to:

  1. Describe the differences between Traditional planed, Precision Planed and Precision Ground.
  2. Describe the different punch profiles.
  3. Explain proper die width selection.
  4. Calculate forming tonnage.
  5. Describe large radius bends and the effects of springback on them.
  6. Explain best practices for offset tooling and why.
  7. Describe “specials” and their place in the forming process.
  8. Explain the processes for forming in Urethane.
  9. Define Durometer.
  10. Explain proper care and storage of press brake tooling.

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If you scored well and are happy with the results proceed to the next section Operational Practices. If you were not satisfied with your performance you may wish to start this section over or review the chapter(s) you feel need reviewing from the list below. Feel free to take this quiz as many times as necessary until you are comfortable with the results.

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Press Brake Tooling
Press Brake Punches
Press Brake Dies
Acute and Hemming
Profound Radius
Offset Tooling
Bending Plate
Forming in Urethane
Care and Storage