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Textbooks, trade-related DVD videos, Consulting, Training, Software, and our crown jewel, Bending Basics. A 340-page textbook written by Mr. Benson, and published by the Fabricators and Manufacturers Association, Intl. copyright 2017.

Mr. Benson has developed, written, and maintains website, he is the author of Press Brake Technology Society of Manufacturing Engineers 1997, theArtofPressBrake Asma LLC 2014, Metal Fabrication a Practical Guide, Fabricators, and Manufacturers Association Intl. 2016, and Bending Basics Fabricators and Manufacturers Association Intl. 2017. Mr. Benson has also been writing the Bending Basics column since 2012 for the Fabricator magazine. He has also written, produced, and presented a Press Brake training program, both through Asma LLC for 35 years and The Fabricators and Manufacturing Association, Int. for 25 years.

If you are interested in the nuances and mysteries of Precision Sheet Metal and with expertise in all things that are Press Brake related, you have come to the right place. On these pages, you will find the answer to your sheet metal and forming questions. Besides our material being NIM’s Compliant, there are many other good reasons that our customer base includes the US Army, Navy, and Air Force. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) like Lincoln Electric, Caterpillar, and Greenheck Fan. Trade Organizations such as the Fabricators and Manufacturers Association Intl, The Society of Manufacturing Engineers, the American Institute for Steel Construction, and hundreds of small, middle, and large manufacturing firms,  note the testimonials below.

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Self-Guided Press Brake Training

This will be an excellent educational option for any person, company, trade school, or college; that wants to know the ins and out’s of precision sheet metal bending. Think of how great it would be if everyone spoke the same language, using the same terms with the same meanings. This training is for everyone, veteran operators or new.
Operators to Engineers learning at their own pace.

The program is complete with testing! The results of the testing are immediately sent
to the individual, company, or both as needed. You can find a copy of the syllabus under
the Self-Guided tab on the menu bar.

“I think calling this work “Theartofpressbrake” is vastly understated its’ content. It’s so much more than simply a forming tutorial as it covers almost all aspects of metal fabrication. I like the balance of text, pictures, charts, and videos throughout the modules.
I’m an old-school textbook kind of guy, but I know that your electronic format with the hyperlinks will appeal to the younger employees and that’s who I foresee using this program. I think that you have a great product that when purchased would give a company an instant, comprehensive training program where none previously existed. Also, It could be used to fill in the gaps with existing programs. This is where I see its application at Greenheck Fan. As you know, we have extensive Weld, Laser, Punch, and Press Brake training programs that start out with the basics but quickly advance into the machine and product-specific techniques and skills. Where we do have gaps is in our tertiary fabrication operations such as rolling, shearing, and notching. These areas are trained “word of mouth” by existing operators only, with no formal knowledge themselves.
“My feeling is that we will want to purchase it to round out our current curriculum.” Marty J. Bever Technical Trainer Greenheck Fan Corporation

lincoln” When we hired a new crew to run our press brake operations, we quickly learned there was a need to have everyone trained in the same fashion.  The Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, Intl (FMA) sent industry expert Steve Benson to our plant who made our goals the focus of his instruction.  Since then, we have tracked our employee’s progress and have documented a reduction in scrap metal by well over half!”

Ken Zavasnik, Mfg. Engineer, Lincoln Electric Cleveland, OH