Self-Guided Training – Press Brakes – ‘Coming Soon’

Program Syllabus

This Self-guided training for press brakes was created to establish a common language and provide a solid platform for the precision sheet metal industry with a working knowledge base to learn from.

Program Syllabus
Staged press brake tooling

The first of many, this Self-Guided Training program was developed by industry expert Steven D. Benson. In this first program, all of the material is directly related to the press brake, press brake tooling and operational practices of the Press Brake.

This Self-Guided experience is aimed at three different segments of our industry. The first is for companies that wish to improve their bottom lines by getting everyone on the same page, speaking the same language and working together. We accomplish this by supplementing existing in-house training programs, creating new training programs, or for this Self-Guided program to stand alone. With testing placed throughout and the final certification exam, it makes it a complete program. You can track your progress or that of your employees’. Scores are tracked and reported to the employee and to the company or just to the attendee if bought as an individual training program, our second group.

This second group is made up of those persons who seek self-improvement. Learning about their trade in general and art of the press brake. Those are individuals are looking to rise within their companies or find greener pastures through having the knowledge and being able to apply that knowledge.

Our third group is the engineers and programmers who desire a greater working knowledge of forming, the press brake. Allowing them to develop realistic flat patterns the first time. Even engineers with years of experience can still benefit from the knowledge contained within this program. Learning to design parts around the realities of the shop floor and thereby improving quality, reducing waste while increasing production.

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Training that counts
Training that counts

The creator of this site and training program Mr. Benson author of Bending Basics© 2017Published by the Fabricator and Manufacturers Association, Intl., Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication a digital Textbook © 2020 Asma, LLC Publishing, Metal Fabrication a practical Guide © 2016 Published by the Fabricator and Manufacturers Association, Intl., and Press Brake Technology © The Society of Manufacturing Engineers, SME 1996.

Mr. Benson is also penning the Bending Basics column for the Fabricator magazine. While traveling nationally and internationally bringing his award-winning training and hands-on instruction to private companies, colleges, and the military.

This Self-Guided Press Brake Training includes
the following Section Topics, and Chapters:

Program Syllabus

  1. Bonus Chapters
    Push the envelope, go deep with these extra educational reading options.
  2. Recommended readings with links
    Links to trade relevant articles and columns from around the web.
  3. Theater  View all of the included videos and film clips out of context to review and refresh.
  4. Software
    Download and install your complementary Bending Software package ASMA 6.0.1
  5. Complete access to, Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication a digital textbook .

Who will gain from the training?

Some of you are here because you want to grow in your skills and knowledge. Some as part of an employee based training program. Many of you have put years into the trade and have accumulated vast amounts of knowledge, and you may think that all this training really isn’t necessary.

Mate Tool MSP 2, 2014
Training program at Mate Precision Tooling
in Minneapolis / St. Paul MN

But, it really is,  knowing the hows and whys of correct tooling selection, the different methods of forming making you a cut above the competition with your skills and the ability to apply that knowledge.

At the end of each topic, there is a list of those takeaways you should have learned in that chapter and a short quiz. The quizzes themselves are self-correcting and will automatically email you and perhaps your company with final results. At that point, you may choose to move to the next section or review the last, seeking to pick up any information that might have been missed.

Upon completion of the four sections on press brakes, you will be offered the final exam which upon completion we will score and send results to your email.

Please note, that by being part of the Self Guided-Training and by participating in this program you will be granted full access to Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication a digital Textbook. This text is available to you on your smartphone, tablet or PC  ready for you to reference any time you need to review what you have learned, a $135 dollar value. Also included, a copy of our award-winning bending software package ASMA 6.0.1. a $65 value! The best part, they are included as part of this program. 

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