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The Basics


  • Calculator Math
  • Blueprint Interpretation
  • Precision Hand Measurement Tools
  • Inspection and Quality Control

The Cut


  • The Squaring Shear
  • The Punch Press
  • The Theory Of Hole Punching
  • Flat Pattern Development
  • Laser Fundamentals
  • Laser Medium
  • Laser Assist Gas and Focus
  • Laser Programing and Safety
  • Reading and Editing G-Codes

Bends and Brakes


  • The Press Brake Assembly
  • General Press Brake Pieces
  • Press Brakes and Methods
  • Mechanical Press Brake running
  • Top Dead Center
  • Axial Piston Pump
  • Press Brake Punches
  • Press Brake Dies
  • Reverse Flange Binding
  • Reverse Flange without Binding
  • Other Tools and Methods
  • Bump Radius Forming
  • Bi-Directional Forming
  • Panel Bender
  • Adjustable Dies
  • Winged Tooling
  • Smart Pad – Forming in Urethane
  • Bottom Bending
  • Bottom Bending – Slow Motion
  • Press Brake Safety
  • Enshrining Tools
  • Extremely Small Sheet Metal Parts

The Roller


  • Davi Plate roll
  • Cone Rolling
  • The Leveler



  • Workplace Safety
  • Workplace Safety 2
  • Point of Operation Guarding
  • Safety and Maintenance
  • Press Safety
  • Press Brake Safety

Videos from the web


  • Making Steel from Start to Finish
  • Sheet Metal Your Life’s Work
  • The History of Machine Tools
  • Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land
  • Trigonometry, Triangles, Pythagorean Theorem
  • The Language of Drawing
  • Mechanical Drawing Tutorial –
  • How to Read and Draw Blueprint Lines
  • First and Third Angle Projection
  • Problem Solving Methods
  • Statistical Quality Control
  • TQM Continuous Improvement, Kaizen
  • A Beginners Guide to GD&T
  • Geometric Tolerancing and Tolerancing What is it?
  • Geometric Dimension and Tolerance.
  • Geometric Dimension and Tolerance.
  • Steel Metallurgy Introduction to Ferrous Metals
  • Properties and Grain Structure
  • Grain Size Hardening
  • Grain Boundary
  • Grain Growth
  • Quenching and Martensite
  • Steel Metallurgy Introduction to Ferrous Metals
  • Properties and Grain Structure
  • Grain Size Hardening
  • Grain Boundary
  • Grain Growth
  • Quenching and Martensite
  • The ABC’s of Hand tools
  • Squares and Center finders
  • Offset Bending in Action
  • Martensite
  • What is Austensite?
  • Four types of steel pt.1
  • Four types of steel pt.2
  • Four types of steel pt.3
  • Four types of steel pt.4
  • Four types of steel pt.5
  • Making Aluminum

Table of Contents