Press brake topics, pay-per-view training videos

Press brake Training topics in a Pay-Per-View format

These Press Brake topics, pay-per-view videos, cover those topics that are directly related to the precision press brake trade from an operational point of view.This really is a lot of knowledge compiled into one series of DVD videos. These are not like the videos that you find on YouTube as these are specific to the precision sheet metal trade.

Tight tolerance with high degrees of accuracy these are your videos.


These are the same vides found inside of TheArtofPressBrake’s digital textbook.

Within Press brake topics

You will learn about:

  1. Press brake and methods
    Types of press brakes and the three different methods of forming Air, Bottom and Coin
  2. Press brake punches
    Proper selection, tonnage limits, load limits, proper installation
  3. Press Brake Dies
    Make selection based on method, tonnage requirements and the 20% rule
  4. Press brakes – Other tools and methods
    Special tools, Bump radius, Deep box, Urethane, pin gauging and more
  5. Press Brakes – Bottom Bending
    A valid forming method if done correctly and is not the same method as coining and does require a special knowledge
  6. Press Brake Safety
    Most important video of them all; how to be safe when working on a press brake

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