These textbooks in print and available here; with the exception of Press Brake Technology published by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)

Textbooks in Print includes:

Available from The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)

Textbooks in print

Press Brake Technology

Press Brake Technology A guide to precision sheet metal bending (c) 1997, Society of Manufacturing Engineers

The first  complete, hardbound text on the subject of precision sheet metal bending. This hard bound text book covers everything from the history of sheet metal forming through all of the technical information you would ever want to know, and then some.

The text, Press Brake Technology, A guide to precision sheet metal bending (c) 1997 carries with it all of the creditability of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, which was founded in 1932 and has earned an international reputation for leadership in manufacturing technology.

The Art of Press Brake

The digital handbook for precision sheet metal fabrication PDF’s coming soon! By the entire text or by the chapter.

While the digital version is much better overall, the printed or downloadable versions does not contain the videos, software or have interconnectivity of the digital version. Still a printable textbook that is over 400 pages in length containing the working knowledge of the trade.