DVD's various precision sheet metal topics

DVD’s various precision sheet metal topics


DVD’s various precision sheet metal topics includes precision sheet metal topics that do not fit easily into another category and include: Inspection and quality control, Manufacturing extremely small parts and the squaring shear.



DVD’s various precision sheet metal topics


  1. Inspection and Quality control
    A look at quality control on the shop floor. You will learn about Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Process Control Procedure (PCP). We will look at Geometric tolerancing and how to apply it in the real world.

  2. Manufacturing extremely small sheet metal parts.
    You learn how to work a scale where the material is less that 0.015-inches thick (.381mm) and with tolerances of 0.0015-inches (.0381mm).It is easier than you think!
  3. The Squaring Shear
    Learn about the parts and pieces of the shear, shear load and gap. You will learn how to correctly square a blank and strip shear with ease and accuracy.

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