These Press Brake videos cover the following press brake related topics:

The press brake – the machine and Methods, press brake dies, press brake punches, press brakes – other tools and methods, bottom bending and of course Safety! Knowledge no operator should be without if you ever want to be more than a warm-bodied machine operator.


  1. The Press Brakes – the machine and methods
    Looks at the different types of press brakes and how they are correctly used. From mechanicals to the latest CNC controlled machines. Followed with a look at the different method of forming Air, bottom, and coin.
  2. Press Brake Dies
    A look at the press brake dies. How they are correctly selected, how tonnages and radius are developed; stamping or air forming, they are fundamentally different. Something that everyone from engineering to the shop floor needs to know.
  3. Press Brake Punches
    Proper selection, tonnage limits, and calculations.
  4. Press Bakes – Other tools and methods:
    Looks at the other types of tools and forming that can be performed on a press brake. Deep box bending, specials, urethane, bump radius and pin gauging.
  5. Bottom Bending
    An in-depth look at the bottoming process. A dated but valid method of forming if done correctly. Dangerous and damaging if done incorrectly.
  6. Press Brake Safety
    A study of press brake safety from an operational point of view.