This series DVD’s Laser topics include videos featuring laser fundamentals, how the laser works on a fundamental level. The laser medium and how the lasing process is created and follow that with a video on laser assist gases and how they are used.

Finishing this series with laser safety and focus including the Laser Safety Officer.


  1. Laser Fundamentals
    Learn the fundamental physics behind the laser and lasing process.
  2. Laser Mediums
    A look at the different mediums for producing the lazing action. Slow and fast axial pumps and mirror alignment.
  3. Laser assist gases and focus
    Here we look at assist gasses and their purposes, which materials are which gases used with and why. We also look at various laser focusing methods.
  4. Laser safety and programming
    Learn about editing laser G-code and most importantly safety and the laser safety officer, something every company needs to have.