Between these three videos, an operator at the punch press will gain a solid grounding in the theory’s around punching precision sheet metal while learning the application of that knowledge!

In this series of videos, Hole-Punching Topics include the reading and editing G-codes for sheet metal, hole-punching theory, and the punch press. 


  1. Reading and editing-codes for precision Sheet metal
    You will learn to read and edit any existing program at the punch press by learning to write a simple program from scratch for both the punch and laser.
  2. The theory of hole punching
    In this video, the operator or engineer will learn the theory of punching holes in sheet metal and plate. Tonnages, clearances and the phases that the material goes through during the punching process.
  3. The punch press
    Looks at the machine itself; be it a single station or CNC controlled. The parts and pieces, preventive maintenance (PM’s), tool care and sharpening are all covered.