1. Inspection and Quality Control
    Best practices for quality control on the shop floor, Blueprint interpretation Statistical Process Control (SPC), Process Control Procedures (PCP) and applying Geometric Tolerancing in simple terms.
  2. Manufacturing Extremely Small Parts
    Ever wondered how parts that are less than 0.015-inch (0.038mm) thick with tolerances of plus or minus 0.0015-inch (0.0381mm) and with a .5 degree angle tolerance are made?. It is not as hard as it sounds if you know the tricks for completing the project. We’ll take you from layout through packaging.
  3. The Squaring Shear
    This video covers the basic of squaring shear operations: gaps and clearances. you will learn how to square a blank and shear strips accurately. We look at Bow, Twist, and Camber and the different ways to deal with them.
  4. Hand Measurement Tools
    This video delves into the care, use, and operation of basic hand measurement tools. Squares, Calipers, Rulers, etc.


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