Complete Curriculum Subscription from theArtofPressBrake

Complete Curriculum Subscription from theArtofPressBrake

This complete curriculum subscription from theArtofPressBrake is just what you need if you want to train your students or staff to be better? A complete program! Textbooks, videos, projects, PowerPoints, work problems, quizzes and testing. Literally all you need to teach a class!

Including the teachers guide with instructions and answers  to all of the projects, work problems, quizzes and testing.

This program was designed to be completed within a single semester. With only a small amount of material and equipment and can be easily adapted to your specific equipment.

  • Do you want understand the processes and apply them correctly?
  • Do you need the knowledge of the subject matter expert?
  • Do you need engineering, technicians and operators all speaking the same language?
  • Do you want to build it right the first time?

Teach the skills that real world employers are asking for. After all it’s not just “tin bending” anymore, it’s all about precision fabrication.

We are National Institute for Metalworking Skills certified and can preform the training and signoffs required for NIMs certification

Complete Curriculum Subscription


 National Institute for Metalworking Skills

With an annual Complete Curriculum subscription with The Art of Press Brake Community is exactly what you need!  As a premium community member you receive everything a basic membership offers plus:

  • Teachers guide
  • Certified projects
  • Certified testing (FMA certificate, extra fee)
  • Access to Asma LLC’s PDF PowerPoints for classroom training
  • Printable PDF’s of PowerPoints
  • ASMA 6.0.1 software
  • Printable charts and graphs
  • Bookstore discounts for Colleges and Trade schools
  • Deep discount on additional copies of theArtofPressBrake digital and/or print.
  • Unlimited access to The Art of Press Brake textbook modules!
  • Unlimited access to all 58+ videos for classroom presentation!
  • 5-hours annually of phone and/or email consulting related to the classes or materials
  • Access and participation to entire site textbook, Blog and Forums, learn from the community!
  • Certified testing (FMA certificate, extra fee)

The Complete Curriculum Discounts with the annual subscription.

  1. A 20% discount off retail price for theArtofPressBrake (digital) – unlimited
  2. 10% discount on printed copies of theArtofPressBrake – unlimited
  3. 10% off bookstore purchases
  4. 20% discount off my inhouse training (presenting my class or teaching how)
  5. 20% off online and/or phone consulting
  6. 20% off office research time

Samples The Art of Press Brake, the textbook is an ever growing work that will never be finished. Upon initial release, the textbook portion of this site, contains over 60-chapters and 58 videos, short films and full length movies. When used in conjunction with the ASMA 6.0.1 software provided, your level of understanding and the ability to apply that knowledge will be dramatically improved.

Sample Text                          Sample Video

Entirely cross referenced, indexed and searchable, this text is broken down into the modules and sub-divided into chapters with videos available both in and out of context of this work.


Join us with a Complete Curriculum subscription.