Precision sheet metal fabrication

 Precision sheet metal fabrication DVDs can be purchased and viewed either as
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Basic topics, Hole topics, Laser topics, Press brake topics
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It should be noted that all of these videos are included with your copy of TheArtofPressBrake and found throughout the textbook modules; the are also grouped together in our theater for viewing away from the context of the textbook.
Precision sheet metal fabrication

44-piece set available only by auction bidding at Nuts, Bolts and Thingamajigs Foundation

The DVD topics listed here for purchase as individual DVDs or in sets and will play on almost any computer or DVD player and are recorded in the NTSC45 format common in North America.

While all sales are final, should there be any issues with the physical items purchased from Asma LLC these are 100% guaranteed and will be immediately replaced.

There is also a sample video  “Enshrining Tooling the cult of the sacred box” is not available for sale, it is however a short video that will give you an idea of what the videos are like. If you wish to purchase, just add the DVD or DVD sets to your shopping cart and that purchase will appear.

Note the 44-piece set at the top of the page contains our entire collection of DVD videos, Narrated PowerPoints, Textbooks in PDF and Software with a retail value of over $3400 and the only way to get one is to bid on one. This sets are offered exclusively for auction, with the money going to scholarship fund of the…

Nuts, Bolts and Thingamajigs Foundation.

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